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“I loved having Jeannette as my doula! She was kind, patient, and so helpful throughout the entire experience of working with her. During our prenatal meetings, I felt that she not only taught me what I needed to know to be ready for birthing, but also really listened to my fears and concerns and truly helped me process and get through them. 

During my son’s birth Jeanette was such a calming presence. At the hospital the doctors and nurses come and go but Jeanette was there the whole time. She was also amazing in applying the counter-pressure on my back to get me through the contractions. She didn’t even mind when my water broke all over her shoes!

Lastly, she was so thorough and thoughtful during my postpartum time. She checked in with me several times to see how I was recovering and even brought me sitz bath herbs in our postpartum meeting. I feel really lucky that we got to work with Jeanette and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!” Kaela

“We recently gave birth to a lovely baby boy and had Jeanette as our doula throughout the pregnancy and she was there for us every step of the way. In our prenatal visits, she took the time to learn about us as a couple, learn about our birth preferences and offer guidance that suited our wants and needs, further she helped in asking us questions we hadn't even thought about or knew we should plan for. During the birth itself, saying Jeanette was instrumental to the process would be an understatement. We were in labor for almost a full 48 hours with many unforeseen complications and Jeanette's drive and willingness to help never waivered. She really was there the from start to finish, spending two nights with us in the hospital as labor and delivery took place. We couldn't be happier with hiring Jeanette and now feel like we have a life long doula and friend.” Chris and Liana, New Jersey

"Jeanette was everything I could have hoped for in a Doula. During the pre-natal visits she put our minds at ease and helped prep us emotionally as well as strategically. She's a wealth of knowledge and uses her research background to suss out the most credible resources and tips. But she's also nurturing and knows so much about holistic care. 

During labor, Jeanette knew exactly what to do. She gave my husband the perfect guidance to help ease my pain and better support me. She knew exactly when to step up and when to give us some space. She was a natural presence in the room. 

Jeanette's follow up after labor seemed motivated by genuine interest and care. She still checks in with us months after our precious baby was born." Tracy, Astoria

"I feel so thankful to have been connected to Jeanette when I found myself needing additional postpartum support. She has such a calming and supportive presence, and really helped me through some tough moments as a new mom. She even suggested things that I didn’t know to ask for, which made my life a lot better (e.g. with her help we finally mastered side-lying breastfeeding!). She generally made me feel a lot more confident that I was doing my best and doing ok. And she is flexible with scheduling and really responsive to questions and available via text. I highly recommend working with her!" Alex, Lower East Side

"We hired Jeanette later in my pregnancy once we determined we wanted a little extra support for labor and delivery. She was a new doula looking for clients and the timing worked out just right. From our first meeting, we knew she was a good fit for us and after a short conversation we felt like she already knew a lot about us as individuals and as a couple. During our prenatal meetings, she asked questions we hadn't even thought about ourselves and got us to talk about things that really had a impact on how we approached the delivery of our little girl. When it came time, she was readily available and her excitement for the birth made us feel relaxed and well-supported. Though it all went quicker than expected, we were so happy to have her there by our sides, reminding us of things we had talked about, offering suggestions, and checking in on our well-being throughout the process. In the end, we realized that she helped us come to know things about ourselves that we didn't know and in doing so, really helped us know who we were/would be during labor, delivery, and those first postpartum weeks. Her continued support postpartum was also wonderful to have - from our check-in texts, to a reassuring "you're doing great" postpartum visit, to providing some healing remedies - having Jeanette as a partner for this part of our lives was an invaluable experience." Emmy, Astoria